Thursday, April 7, 2011

Howard in Charlotte? And other notes

The Observer's Rick Bonnell has a very interesting blog today about an incident last night with Orlando center Dwight Howard, who apparently (in a teasing way, but still) referred to the possibility of him becoming a Bobcat one day.

Now wouldn't that be something? I wonder if Michael Jordan would spend what it takes to get him. Howard is the best center in the game right now -- he was chosen with the No.1 overall pick in 2004, right before the Bobcats picked Emeka Okafor at No.2. Surround him with a bunch of complementary players and one really good one and you've got a title contender every year.

So it's worth exploring, for sure, and I'd love to see it. Howard sounds like he was just messing around last night, but behind a lot of jokes there's a grain of truth. I don't see him spending his entire career in Orlando -- that just doesn't happen much anymore.

A couple of other notes:

-- The Bobcats are officially out of the playoff hunt now after losing to Orlando (but much more respectably than those horrid losses to Washington and Cleveland).

-- Gerald Henderson has looked more and more like a player over the past month. It was only a matter of time before he had a breakout game like his 32-point performance Wednesday.

-- My colleague Tom Sorensen is at the Masters this weekend. Watch for his reports from there, as long as those from the legendary Greens (Ron Jr. and Ron Sr.), who are two of the best golf writers in America. I love reading all their stuff.


Anonymous said...

Hendo! Way to take that cheap shot like a true, upstanding basketball player, no like the trash Richardson is.

Anonymous said...

The Bobcats will be watching the playoffs from Scorpio's while Jimmy Clausen gives them massages

Anonymous said...

Maybe we can get Howard and Chris Paul!

MichaelProcton said...

Yeah, and then LeBron and Kobe will demand trades to come here.

Anonymous said...

hows mj gonna pay the rent with the cats losing 3 mill a mo?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Sorensen Fowler and Green Jr puzzy white boy twinkz doing each other watching video and pics of their sweetheart hero scumbags Newton and Woods?

Jim said...

Jordon will just have to make a few more Hanes underwear commercials. Also don't forget his entire MJ gear, sneakers etc. etc.