Tuesday, March 15, 2011

More from Bob Knight in Charlotte

I had limited space in today's column about Bob Knight's appearance alongside Billy Packer, Mike Gminski, Phil Ford and Jay Bilas in Charlotte Monday night, but here were a few more of the interesting things Knight and others said that I couldn't get into the newspaper:

-- Minutes before Knight's first appearance in the NCAA title game, in 1976 against Michigan, he called Packer over to his huddle. Packer, who was announcing the game, trotted over, thinking Knight needed some "advice," he said.

Instead, Knight got Packer into the huddle and growled: "Hey, Packer, where the (heck) is the ACC tonight?"

-- Both Knight and Gminski agreed that Bill Russell was the most valuable player in basketball history, due to the sheer number of championships that Russell's teams won.

-- Knight said he "hated the three-point shot" even now and said he thought Duke shot the three-pointer far more than he would ever allow his own teams to.

-- Bilas said one of the dark horses in the NCAA tournament was 13th-seeded Oakland (which plays Texas in its first game).

-- Knight said that the shot fake is one of the most under-utilized plays in college basketball and that everyone who has kids or grandkids should teach it to their sons and daughters.

-- Knight said that when Mike Krzyzewski came to play for him at Army he took one look at Krzyzewski on the court and told him: "Don't throw the ball away, play like (heck) on defense and don't ever shoot."

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