Monday, March 28, 2011

Bobcats win, but how?

I saw the Bobcats outscore Milwaukee 7-0 in the final three and a half minutes Monday night to edge the Bucks 87-86 at Time Warner Cable Arena and remain alive in the playoff race, and I'm still not quite sure how it happened.

Gerald Henderson scored all seven of those points for Charlotte, but the Bobcats still made some serious miscues that could have easily allowed the Bucks to win. Boris Diaw had two bad turnovers in the last 90 seconds. There were some defensive errors that allowed Milwaukee's most exciting player, Brandon Jennings, to repeatedly get open (and Jennings just slithered his way open a lot of times, too).

And yet, the Bucks went 0-for-10 from the field in those final 210 seconds. Here's a list of the 10 shots they missed in that last bit while Henderson was catching the Bobcats up:

1. Jennings 3-point miss at 3:27
2. Andrew Bogut (who had 26 points but didn't score in the 4th)-- 10-foot hook shot miss at 3:01
3. Jennings 3-foot jumper at 2:11 (Jennings had 26 points as well, but went 2-for-12 in the fourth quarter)
4. Jennings 3-point miss at 1:47
5. Jennings 14-foot jumper miss at 1:02
6. Bogut misses layup at 38.9 seconds (this was the easiest shot the Bucks got)
7. Jennings misses contested layup at 15.9
8. Jennings misses contested layup at 5.9 (following his steal of Diaw's in-bounds pass)
9. Jennings misses 3-pointer at 2.0
10. Carlos Delfino misses a tip-in from 1 foot at buzzer

So you've got to put this one more on Jennings' back than anyone's -- he missed seven of those 10 shots. Said Milwaukee coach Scott Skiles: "We had multiple plays at the rim that we ran and got wide-open looks, we just couldn't make them." The Bucks ended up 4-for-22 in the fourth quarter. I didn't say it was great basketball, but it was entertaining basketball.

The Bobcats, meanwhile, won their third straight game despite playing their third-string point guard, Garrett Temple, for the game's last 9:56. It was an amazing victory on several fronts, and it kept the Bobcats (31-42) in the playoff chase, one game behind Indiana for the No.8 spot.


Anonymous said...

Wow this was awesome the Bucks losing in the last few secs was good. I was jumping up and down in my jamies to the Bobcats. I hope this continues in the next few games. I really don't see the win against Orlando but who knows............Go Cats.

Anonymous said...

Scott is this the third game this season you've been to? I mean, I live in Greenville, SC and this was my 26th. LOL

Anonymous said...

Hard to blame Diaw on the last turnover - he's not allowed to just walk the ball in-bounds and I sure didn't see anyone to pass to on the floor (chalk it up to not having normal personnel on the floor at the time and the Bucks played like they knew that). And don't you think Diaw had just a little to do w/ Bogut's ineffectiveness in the 2nd half and that he's shooting 10' hooks vs. tap ins:?

Anonymous said...

Bobcats fans, come out and support your cats! We need it for the final playoff push.

Matthew said...

I actually believe Scott watched this game. When Dancing With The Stars had commercial breaks.

Anonymous said...

Forget how we won, WE WON! Go Cats!

Anonymous said...

Yayyy!!! Keep winning idiots!!!

The last thing this team needs is a lottery pick and a chance at a good player !!!

Yayyy !!!

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Clausen sucks

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The bobcats win? are you serious? I can't believe it!