Monday, March 7, 2011

5 Monday thoughts: Wallace, UNC-Duke and Griffin

A quick look ahead and back on a Monday:

1) The NFL and NFLPA are back at it today, trying to divide a few billion. If you missed my Sunday column on the NFL labor dispute and how ridiculous it is, here's the link.

2) Gerald Wallace saying he felt "betrayed" by the Bobcats to our Rick Bonnell over the weekend makes sense. Wallace always gave everything he had to this team. It will be interesting to see how he's treated Friday night when Charlotte -- which suddenly can't score 70 points per game anymore -- hosts Portland. What if Gerald makes the winning shot at the end? Wouldn't that be ironic?

3) I'm rooting for a Duke-UNC final Sunday in the ACC tournament. Since both held serve on their respective home courts, would be great to get the neutral court tiebreaker. The draw sets up pretty well for both of them, but the ACC is always peculiar, and I'd say there's only a 40 percent chance that both will get to Sunday's final.

4) Carl Edwards has to be the early favorite for the championship right now. If not for some bad luck, he'd already have a substantial lead in the points race. He really could have won all 3 of the first 3 races if things had worked out a bit differently.

5) Am really looking forward to seeing Blake Griffin tonight in Charlotte. I love the way SportsCenter puts up a "Blake Griffin alert" on many of his highlight dunks now. The Bobcats are reeling after that terrible West Coast trip, but then again the Clippers are only 5-25 on the road this season.


Anonymous said...

On another note does anybody with half a brain think Cam Newton was not 100% aware and got half the loot when Daddy Cecil sold him to Auburn for a single season under the table? Hilarious.
Auburn crooks reportedly shelled out millions but that was reduced by the time the FBI invest took over still ongoing. All they wanted was to win the SEC and beat in state rivial Alabama with their store bought pro team.
Newton won a minor Jr college title his soph yr in Texas after sitting the bench behind Tebow and kicked out at Florida for theft and bad grades.

The NCAA and Heisman will both be snatched from Auburn and Newton within 6 mos.

Pick a real QB with 6'7" 260 lb Ryan Mallat who blew everybody away at the combine including Newton who missed his calling at the long jump or hurdles in the Olympics.

Anonymous said...

Good point. Maybe they need to check into his Blinn Jr College in Texas on any payoffs last year too not under the NCAA but the NJCAA as community college football.

When will CPCC get a football team and play in their back yard in the NJCAA?

Anonymous said...

Dang. And Cam could have won CPCC their 1st national title last year too in the NJCAA at Memorial Stadium.

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