Monday, November 23, 2009

Thoughts on the Bobcats

I saw the Bobcats in person for the second time Sunday afternoon. My assignment was to write about NBA rookie Tyler Hansbrough -- you can find that column here.

That didn't leave me much room to comment on the Bobcats (4-9), though, so here are a few quick thoughts about them on a rainy Monday.

-- Stephen Jackson is the most complete player the Bobcats have ever had, and the most graceful, too. He doesn't ever seem to be moving fast, but he gets to where he wants to on the court. It appears Jackson and Gerald Wallace -- who is still the most athletic Bobcat -- are still learning how to play together, though.

-- I think Gerald Henderson should be getting a few more minutes per game.

-- When the ball goes to Flip Murray, you better start heading for the glass and hoping for an offensive rebound. Murray is not exactly shy about jacking it up.

-- Nazr Mohammed led the Bobcats Sunday with 18 points in 18 minutes (here's the game story from our own Rick Bonnell). Mohammed is so much more skilled than DeSagana Diop, who Larry Brown has tried to force-feed minutes in the past as the backup center to little avail. Hopefully Mohammed continues to get more time and Diop less.


Anonymous said...

We need to renegotiate this sorry city and team ownership one sided contract and quit giving the almost bankrupt owner everything for free when he deserves nothing he does not earn.
Seize full control of the three hundred million taxpayer funded owned arena and charge him to use it with an even split. No free lunch. He can build his own arena if he dosent like it.
Mainly they need to split the ticket proceeds 50/50 to pay the monthly payments on the building and put the burden on the owner to either cut the muster or pack up ship out or sell out.
Fire the city lawyet idiot MMc who rigged this one sided deal who knew not what he was doing.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you say how you really feel. I take it that Bob Johnson isn't one of your favorite people. Why is that? Would you have liked it better if Larry Bird and his friend with the big bucks had bought the team instead of Michael Jordan and his? Johnson hasn't been half as bad a owner as some people make him out to be.

Newsinz said...

Scott, shouldn't a Bobcat fan hope that Flip's shot was GOOD? I understood the point you were making (in that Flip is trigger happy - which is a good thing), but I'll take points over an extended possession anytime.

Both rookies should be getting more time. Derrick Brown proved it last night, and Henderson was impressive even in garbage time.

Mohammed is so much more skilled than I ever dreamed he could be. Where was this A+ game of his hiding the past few years? My opinion of him has taken a complete 360 degree turn based on his efforts this season.

I agree completely with you about Jackson's deceptive speed. One moment he's kind of just lumbering around the perimeter (or so it would seem), and the next thing you know, he's blowing by someone for a layup.

Anonymous said...

Piss on Bob Johnson, and HIS bobkitties!

Anonymous said...

There is no worse tightwad cheapskate owner of any pro sports franschise in America than distant remote owner Johnson who refused to move here and got a free new uptown arena for what? Is he a privlege character? This was not supposed to be an entitlement program.
Who cares about Larry Bird? Does Jordan own it now? No. Jordan is bluffing.

Malcolm said...

Brewton Smith seems to want Concord to buy everything for him. Is he a tightwad and a cheapskate as well?

Anonymous said...

No Michael Jordan doesn't own the team now. Also, I actually agree with you that he probably is bluffing and never will own the team. But if he did buy the team you wouldn't be happy with that either. This man is the greatest basketball player of all time. One hell of a business man, and any other city would thank their lucky stars if he graced their city as part owner. The man is a global icon. But it baffles me how Ric Flair, Richard Petty, Elvis, and Fred Kirby are considered bigger celebrities than he is here.

Anonymous said...

Malcolm said...
Brewton Smith seems to want Concord to buy everything for him. Is he a tightwad and a cheapskate as well?

November 23, 2009 8:02 PM

Oh boy what an total idiot statement and mentality and outright lie. Bruton Smith paid every penny on Lowes Motor Speedway soon to be again Charlotte Motor Speedway and paid every cent on all the other 7 major tracks he owns all over America.
You got it all backwards. Its Bruton Smith who not only paid for all his facilities but who brings millions of fans/tourists to the area who spend billions annually. The small town you referred too does nothing except take his property hostage with annexation abuse and send a big tax property bill every year while trying to use him for their own benefit.