Sunday, October 19, 2008

Panthers 27 New Orleans 7 (somebody have a mirror?)

This Carolina-New Orleans game has now come to resemble very closely the Panther-Tampa Bay game a week ago -- the mirror image, with reverse results for the Panthers.

I don't think anyone would disagree that Carolina, New Orleans and Tampa Bay are 3 teams not too far off from each other in terms of talent. Yet here's another game that isn't close -- at least at the moment. Carolina lost 27-3 last week in Tampa, and the Panthers are now winning, 27-7, late in the third quarter vs. the Saints.

The Panthers just scored their third TD of the game, this on a checkdown throw from Delhomme to DeAngelo Williams, who barely got to the pylon before being shoved out of bounds. New Orleans coach Sean Payton should have thrown the "review flag," I think, but didn't, and the TD stood. It was set up by Ken Lucas's excellent interception and 31-yard return.